Hey, I'm Elliot.

Ernest Hemingway said, “Anyone's life, told truly, is a novel.” I believe everyone has a story worth telling and I have made it my life's passion to tell those stories through visual media, audio and writing.


I am originally from Indianapolis, IN where I developed a passion for storytelling across all mediums. I studied multimedia production at the University of Missouri and had the unique opportunity to work in multiple professional newsrooms affiliated with the journalism school. 


I've spent time at Newsy, The Columbia Missourian, Missouri Business Alert, KBIA: Mid-Missouri's NPR affiliate and NBC station KOMU-TV. During this time, I produced podcasts, micro-documentaries, infographics, long-form text pieces and social media content. I was also trusted with leadership positions as a Photo Editor and Graphics Editor at The Missourian.

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Twitter: @elliot_bauman

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