During my time as an Assistant Producer for Global Journalist, I was often tasked with producing additional web content featuring guests that were not on the show and covering specific topics more in-depth. While reporting on this article, I was able to speak with a Tanzanian journalist and the International Press Institute about the Tanzanian media environment under President John Magufuli. This article was especially timely because two researchers from the Committee to Protect Journalists were taken from their hotel rooms by Tanzanian authorities just weeks before. 

My time spent covering Missouri business coincided with vast changes in cannabis laws. One such law change allowed Missouri farmers to begin growing industrial hemp, which had historically been on a federal list of controlled substances, as a cash crop. This article was featured in a series of look-ahead articles Missouri Business Alert produced called "Missouri in 2019."

In the fall of 2018 scooter startups like Lime and Bird established national prominence when they dropped off scooters in several large cities and college towns, including Columbia. I talked to business marketing experts and local government officials about their "ask forgiveness, not permission" growth strategy.

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